Home Theater Report: Mad Max Fury Road

This weekend I watched Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend and it was quite an experience on the big screen.The movie itself is one that demands to be seen on a large screen with good speakers.

The movie starts off with a spectacular, gruesome and fear-inspiring look at an outpost of civilization ruled by a tyrannical warlord. The visuals of the Citadel and its features looked great on the big screen, and painted the scene of the reemergence of civilization.

Press Image for Mad Max Fury Road
Press Image for Mad Max Fury Road

Shortly into the movie, Charlize Theron’s character leaves on a raid of a neighboring town. From there on out, there is little break in the ongoing sequence of car chases throughout the rest of the film. Luckily, car chases are where this movie shines.

The visuals are simply stunning. Every scene has large contrasts. The set, vehicle and character designs are all incredibly creative.

The sound design and editing is done extremely well. The sound team paints an acoustic scene of vehicles, each with their own unique sounds and rumblings. Then they place you right in the middle of it. They even give you a sense of depth with the sounds of the vehicles.

This is definitely one of those movies where the quality of your speakers will shine through. The overall effect in immersive, and in a home theater, simply stunning.

The various mechanical noises exist throughout the entire film. Low, rumbling bass is present in every scene, not just when there’s a big explosion. The entire range of frequencies are used to deliver realistic mechanical sounds.

This is one you will want to show off to other people. When someone asks, “Why would I want to spend all that money on good sound?”, movies like this is why. Unless you live near a theater that re-releases it, there is no way you will experience this movie in this way ever again. And that’s one of the wonderful things about home theaters; you get to relive that excitement over and over again.

If you want to learn how you can get this kind of experience in your own home, be sure to check out my home theater setup.

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