Dayton B652 vs. Micca MB42x

For the first in this series, we are going to consider the  Dayton B652 speakers ($40) and the Micca MB42X ($94) speakers. They are quite different speakers. I have reviewed both the Dayton B652 and the Micca MB42X previously, and I had good things to say about both.

Dayton B652 vs Micca MB42X

There are several important factors when comparing these speakers. The first is the price. The Micca MB42X speakers are twice the price of the Daytons. We expect them to be better, but how much better? The Micca speakers are much smaller than the Daytons, which limits the performance of the Miccas.

If we take a look at some measurements directly comparing the two, we see some major differences. The responses have been set to match at 1000Hz, so it ignores relative loudness, but it allows us to see the relative energy of each. Also, I’m forced to use some old saved data since the Micca’s I used in my review were no longer available for testing.

One Third Octave Responses of the MB42x and B652
One Third Octave Responses of the MB42x and B652

A couple of notes looking at this. The Micca MB42X has less variability on the high end than the Dayton B652, which will ultimately sound better for vocals and most instruments. The B652 is louder, but no flatter, on the low end. The null at the transistion around 4000Hz looks less severe than it is because I am only have data for one-third octave measurements. As I’ve grown more sophisticated, my methods have improved, but unfortunately I’m stuck with old data here.

Benefits of the Dayton B652

  • Half the price
  • Louder in bass regions
  • Louder in general, better for large parties

Benefits of the Micca MB42X

  • Smoother frequency response, better for TV, movies, listening by yourself
  • Significantly smaller, fit on a desktop


Given the choice between the two, I would go with the Micca MB42X. It is a quality speaker made as cheaply as possible without sacrificing the things that make a speaker quality. The Dayton B652 cuts many corners to achieve its price point. If you need something cheap and fairly disposable, the Dayton B652 is a solid choice. Otherwise, I’d choose the Micca MB42X

2 thoughts on “Dayton B652 vs. Micca MB42x

  1. Didn’t see another place to comment but was wondering if you have reviewed any of the Polk bookshelf models such as the T15 or TSi100. Would love to know how that latter model stacks up against Pioneer’s BS-22s (the Polk is just slightly higher in price).


    • I’ve definitely thought about it. From what I’ve heard though it isn’t as good as the BS22. I think has a review


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