Vizio SB3820-x Review

I don’t think anyone who has read through this website thinks there is any doubt I believe buying a soundbar is a bad decision. I’ve explained, at length, in the past why a soundbar isn’t conducive to quality audio. But despite my pleading, the widespread interest in soundbars continues unabated.

So I decided to find a soundbar that I could test and see how it stacked up against some of the cheap speakers that I’ve reviewed.

I decided to go with the 38″ Vizio soundbar as it is currently the best seller on Amazon for soundbars. It is the sound bar that comes with the Vizio SB3821 and Vizio SB3851. If anything represents the zeitgeist on home theater audio today, this is it.

As promised, its much sleeker than a regular pair of bookshelf speakers. It is even smaller than a pair of Micca Covo-S mini speakers.

Vizio Soundbar in between a pair of Dayton B652’s and a pair of Micca COVO-S

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Monoprice 8251 Review

The Monoprice 8251 speakers are a good looking and interesting pair of speakers, priced at only $80. The first thing I should note is they are BIG. They sport a small tweeter, a 4″ midrange woofer and a 8″ large woofer. The drivers themselves look pretty good with the grills off.

Monoprice 8251 with a Micca MB42X on top

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