Monoprice 8250 Review

The Monoprice 8250 speaker pair is a set of bookshelf speakers with 6.5″ woofers. They cost $40. They are incredibly similar to the Dayton B652 speakers I’ve mentioned numerous times here. In fact this review will basically be a comparison between these two very similar speakers.

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There are a couple of big differences between these two speakers. The Monoprice 8250’s are wider and about a quarter inch shallower than the Dayton B652’s.  The Monoprice 8250 has a port on the back which helps adds a touch of bass, but it is pretty bad bass. The port also means you can’t put the Monoprice 8250 up against a wall.

All and all, while it doesn’t make a big difference, I’d stick with the Dayton B652, its a better size, it comes with wires to hook it up to an amp, and you can put it firmly against a wall.

Lets take a rundown on the measurements:

The frequency response looks virtually identical to the Dayton B652. The large foul-up around 7500 Hz is indicative of the woofer cutting out and the tweeter coming in. The step response shows a big hump that comes 4 milliseconds after the main response. This is a result of the vent in the back, and something you really don’t want to see.

I would tell you, that if you’re looking for a speaker like the Monoprice 8250, go with the Dayton B652 instead. That said, its still a good buy for the price, so if you have a compelling reason to prefer the Monoprice, go ahead and get it.

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