The Micca MB42X: A Great General Use Bookshelf Speaker

As an engineer, I know that any audio product out there is a compromise between cost, quality and size. At $90, The Micca MB42X is the best example I have ever listened to that provides high quality sound at a low cost and in a small package.

The Micca MB42X provides a combination of size, cost and quality that is perfect for someone who is looking to upgrade their audio experience from the norm.

The MB42X is a compact two-way speaker that has a clean, plain, look and punches above its weight.

When I decided to buy a pair of MB42X speakers, I had heard all sorts of good things about them, but I assumed all of the good reviews were from people used to listening to their phone speakers or the speaker in their laptop or television. Compared to these, the Micca MB42X is a completely different level of sound quality. Even compared to similarly priced soundbars, the Miccas are a big improvement.

The Micca speakers are built solidly. Most cheap speakers are built from the same materials as Ikea furniture. The Micca MB42X and its family of speakers are built out of MDF, medium density fiberboard, the same material used to build speakers costing $10,000 or more. MDF is a synthetic wood composite that is a mix of sawdust and glue that isn’t that great to work with, but it has all of the mechanical and acoustic properties an engineer wants in a speaker enclosure.

Now before I get carried away telling you how great these sound, I want to make a few caveats clear. These are small speakers, so the bass output is pretty minimal. If you buy this pair of speakers, a subwoofer, even a relatively small one like this 8″ Dayton Audio subwoofer. In addition, there are imperfections in the treble that would require a much more expensive speaker to fix. These issues are things that could be expected when buying small $90 speakers.

That said, I have listened to many speakers in this price range, and these are the best. These are great speakers for a place where you sit and relax while listening to music. They would work perfectly in a budget home theater for stereo and surround sound speakers. There’s even a matching center for these speakers should you choose to use these for surround sound.

The place where I use these speakers is in a room where I usually entertain guests in when they come to visit. They are discrete and provide great ambiance, and are easily hooked up to a Bluetooth receiver or Chromecast audio. You need to either connect them to a low-power amplifier, or for an even easier experience, buy the powered version that plugs into a wall outlet.

You may be asking at this point, why do I recommend the Micca MB42X and not the Micca MB42? The MB42 is $30 cheaper, share the same great MDF construction, magnetic mesh grills, and the same drivers as its more expensive brother. What difference could that little letter X at the end make to be worth an extra $30? The answer is that an additional circuit is included in each speaker to split the electrical signal between the tweeter (small driver) and the woofer (large driver) that balances out how much bass, midrange and treble goes to each one. The woofer is good at high bass and midrange sounds, while the tweeter is good at the treble. The crossover circuit makes sure that each component is working in harmony to recreate the sound as best as possible.

My verdict? These speakers are incredibly versatile and can fit into almost any space without dominating the room, but they can also be used to provide a home theater experience. This versatility combined with the quality and price makes these very easy to recommend. If you’re looking for some good speakers at an affordable price and a reasonable size, these speakers will serve you well for many years.

These speakers are not produced in very large production runs, so if you’re interested in purchasing them and they are available, I wouldn’t wait too long before buying them because you may be forced to buy them through a reseller at a higher price. The Micca MB42X is usually available through Amazon Prime.